National Scholarship Portal– आज की इस पोस्ट में हम आपको NSP Scholarship के बारे में वो सब कुछ बताने वाले हैं जो की बहुत विद्यार्थी गलती करते हैं, और जिसके वजह से उनका फॉर्म रिजेक्ट हो जाता हैं तो आप गलती नहीं करे, National Scholarship का सभी जानकारी  यहाँ दिया गया हैं एक बार जरुर देखें फिर ऑनलाइन आवेदन करें ! by ICT Academy NSP

Name of the Portal National Scholarship Portal
Launched by Central Government of India
Name of Department Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India
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National Scholarship Portal 2.0

National Scholarship Portal

How to Apply National Scholarship

National Scholarship Portal 2.0 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Students:

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National Scholarship- NSP

Q. No. 1. Who are eligible to apply for NSP Scholarship Schemes?

Answer: The eligibility criteria of different schemes hosted at NSP, varies from scheme to scheme. Students studying in India and fulfilling the requirements of various scheme guidelines of various Ministries are eligible to apply for the scholarships. The detailed guidelines are available on the Home Page of the Portal.

Q. No. 2. How can the student apply online for the scholarship hosted on the National Scholarship Portal?

Answer: On National Scholarship Portal, there are two major categories of Scholarship Schemes:

  1. Pre-Matric
  2. Post Matric/Merit-cum-Means (MCM)/ Top-class.

All these are online Schemes and any eligible student may apply for a Scholarship under any of these schemes on the National Scholarship Portal (NSP). The URL of the portal is Fresh Application.

  1. On the Home Page of NSP, a new user can click on New Registration, to select scheme details and other mandatory relevant
  2. After Registration, the applicant will get a unique application number and password as SMS in the registered mobile number
  • After getting the unique application number, the applicant can click on Login for the detailed application form.

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    Q. No. 3. Can the applicant edit the information already saved and up to How Many times?

    Answer: The applicant can edit the draft/incomplete information as many times as he/she wants, until doing ‘Finally Submit’ the online application. To edit the application, the applicant has to go to the option “Student login”, enter the Application Id and then click on submit ‘login’ button.

    Q. No. 4. Which fields the applicant can edit before final submission of application?

    Answer: The applicant can edit all details except “Registration Details”. It may be noted that once the applicants ‘finally submit’ the application it will be forwarded to the next level and after that the applicant can’t edit further.

    Q. No. 5. What to do if applicant observed that some information in the online application needs modification, after final submission of the application?

    Answer: Immediately contact the Nodal Officer (either Institute Nodal Officer or District / State Level Nodal Officer) where your application is lying for verification and request him to mark your application as DEFECTIVE.

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    Once any application is marked defective, it is once again made available in the applicant’s login in editable mode. Applicant can edit / modify the information, except Registration Details, and can re submit it.

    NSP Scholarship Form Defective:

    Q. No. 6. What should the applicant do if some particular scholarship schemes are not visible to the applicant, while filling online application?

    Answer: Schemes displayed to the applicants depends on the information provided by the applicant while submitting on-line application and eligibility criteria of the schemes. Applicants should carefully check the correctness of information entered and go through the scheme eligibility criteria from the scheme guidelines.

    Guidelines and FAQs of the schemes are available on the portal. For further assistance applicant may contact scheme owner ministry / department also known as nodal ministry/department. Contact details of the nodal ministries/departments are available under SERVICES section on the portal.

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    Q. No. 7. What should the applicant do if his/her school or institute is not getting reflected while filling on line application form?

    Answer: It might happen if the applicant’s institute has not updated course level & course in which applicant is studying. Applicant should contact School/Institute Nodal Officer and request him to update course level and courses in Institute’s profile. Students are also suggested to cross-check the complete name and address of the institute carefully, to avoid any conflict with institutes with similar names.

    Q. No. 8. Can an applicant edit his registration details?

    Answer: No, an applicant can’t edit his/her registration details. However, before final submission of the application, he/she can withdraw the registration and apply for a fresh registration.

    Q. No. 9. Which fields in the application form are mandatory?

    Answer: Fields provided with red asterisk (*) mark are mandatory fields.

    Q. No. 10. Does the applicant have to fill up the online application in one sitting?

    Answer: No, the applicant can fill up the online application in many sittings using ‘Save Draft’, until the applicant is satisfied that he/she has entered all desirable fields correctly. The software provides facility to save the application at every stage until the applicant clicks on ‘Submit’ button

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    No Scheme Available Solution NSP

    Q. No.11. What are the mandatory documents that are needed to be uploaded on Portal while applying for Scholarship?

    Answer: The documents needed to be uploaded on portal for applying for scholarship may vary from scheme to scheme, and it is suggested to thoroughly check scheme guidelines for details. However, the following documents are mostly required to be uploaded for Fresh applications if the amount of Scholarship is more than Rs.50,000/- per annum.

    1. Caste/Community certificate as per scheme requirement
    2. Income Certificate issued by the Competent Authority in the State/UT

    Disability certificate as per the scheme requirement

    1. Single girl child certificate issued by the Competent Authority in the State/UT Government as per the scheme requirement
    2. Scanned copy of Bank Passbook reflecting Bank Account number and IFSC details only in case not opted for Aadhar Based payment (for Pre-Matric Scheme where students do not have their own bank account, parents/guardian can provide their own account details).
    3. Residential/Domicile

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    Q. No. 12. What instructions should be followed by the applicants while filling up Bank Account details?


    1. Applicants must enter correct IFSC code of their bank branch
    2. The applicants shall ensure that the account details provided by them are correct, and the account remains operational till the scholarship is received in the account (for eligible applicants).
    • It is advised to maintain the same bank account throughout the tenure of scholarship
    1. It is suggested to have the bank account in a nationalized bank for smooth and hassle-free scholarship disbursement, although it is not a mandatory requirement.
    2. Bank Account holder must check their ‘Know your Customer’ (KYC) status from bank and if required the KYC must be done for successful transaction of scholarship
    3. Applicants are advised to link their bank account with Aadhaar, for faster disbursement and ensure that the account remains active till the disbursement of the Scholarship.
    • Bank account must be operational/active till disbursal of Scholarship (for all eligible applicants) so that payment does not
    • Bank account must be preferably in a Scheduled Bank (as per Reserve Bank of India) with core banking facility.
    1. In case of Post Matric/Top Class/Merit-cum-Means based Scholarship Schemes, the bank account must be in name of the applicant/student only. In case of Pre- Matric Scholarship Scheme, the bank account should be in the name of either applicant/student or the applicant can have a joint account with his/her mother/father/guardian as indicated in the application.
    Q. No. 13. Is there a provision to change/update the bank account details?

    Answer: It is advised to maintain the same bank account throughout the tenure of scholarship disbursement. The applicant can’t change/update the bank details during an ongoing academic year.

    However, there is a provision to change/update bank details during renewal of scholarship in the subsequent academic year. This is to be noted, that the option to change bank account by applicant will be restricted strictly to One-time only, for an academic year.

    NSP system also sends text messages to the applicant’s mobile number, and in applicant’s login dashboard if there is a need to change/update bank account details – the applicants are advised to keep a track of both for any update.

    Q. No. 14. What should the applicant do, if applicant does not find his/her course getting displayed?

    Answer: The applicant should Contact his/her institute to add it to their profile. The State Nodal Officer can co-ordinate with the institute for further assistance.

    Q. No. 15. How does the applicant know the name and address of Nodal Officer/ State Department of my State?

    Answer: The name and contact details of the Nodal Officer/State Department of all States/UTs are available in “Services-> Search Nodal Officer Details” option.

    Q. No. 16. How to check the status of student’s application?

    Answer: The Student can check the status of Online Application by login into the NSP account and “Check your Status”.

    Q. No. 17. How to view the details of a particular scheme?

    Answer: You may click on Guidelines link of particular scheme displaying in On-Boarded schemes section on the Home page

    Q. No. 18. How to overcome the problem of Login in case the applicant has forgotten the password?

    Answer: In case the applicant forgets the password while doing renewal of his/her Scholarship, the “Recover Password?” option in the login page can be used. In case of Fresh Academic year, the main login page will have “Forgot Password?” option. Both options can be used for recovering forgotten password accordingly.

    1. Upon selecting the option, the applicant will go to “Forgot Password” page and have to type Applicant Id, and CAPTCHA
    2. This will prompt to next page, where the applicant will type their “DOB” (Date of Birth) and registered mobile number to receive an OTP number. The OTP can be used to generate new
    3. Fresh Application
    4. Renewal of Scholarship
    Q. No. 19. How to overcome the problem of Login in case the applicant has forgotten the applicant id?

    Answer: In case the applicant forgets the Application Id, the “Forgot Applicant Id?” option in the login page can be used.

    1. Upon selecting the option, the applicant will go to “Forgot Application Id” page and the applicants will have to type his/her Bank A/C number and Captcha, to check and find out the Application.
    1. Fresh Application
    1. Renewal of Scholarship

    Q. No. 20. How can the applicant change his/her mobile number?

    Answer: Mobile number change option is available only for the Renewal applicants. To change the mobile number, applicant will have to answer some Questions (shown in the below given screenshot). The information provided by the applicant would be thereafter matched with the information available on the NSP database and upon successful match, the applicants can change his/her mobile number.

    Please note, in case of even a slight mismatch, system will not allow applicant to proceed further. Hence applicant is advised to enter the information as displayed in his/her previous year’s application print out or soft copy for ensuring hassle-free change of the applicant’s mobile number.

    Q. No. 21. Would there be any provision of advertisement published by the States/Ministry may be put on the portal?

    Answer: The advertisement for scholarships would be published by the State Government/Central Government/Ministry on the newspapers in regional languages and in some cases national level newspapers also.

    It is not mandatory to get the advertisements published on the portal, but there is a provision for publishing these advertisements on National Scholarship Portal. The advertisements may be put on the portal, as per communication received from Scholarship funding State/Central body.

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    Q. No. 22. How to know about the various services available on the portal?

    Answer: The Services tab on the home page provides a drop- down list to access various helpful documents and services.

    Q.No.23. If the applicant knows the AISHE/DISE/ITI(NCVT) code of his/her Institute correctly but Address and Location is not known accurately, or vice-versa, how can the applicant find the right information?

    Answer: The institute location and institute code with accurate AISHE/DISE/ITI (NCVT) institute code, and vice versa (finding institute code with institute address/location) can be known from the link given below:

    Q. No. 24. What kind of search facility is provided to students for Institute, District during registration process?

    Answer: A comprehensive search facility including partial name search is available at the Institution name Level. A drop-down list of districts is also available.

    Q. No. 25. What are the fields which are not editable at all?

    Answer: Aadhaar & Enrollment Id are not editable at any stage and it is suggested that these should be filled very carefully.

    Q. No. 26. Which of the fields the Institute can edit in an applicant’s form?

    Answer: The institute can only edit the fee details in an applicant’s form. From AY2020-21 applicant’s are not required to fill fee details. Instead, it will be filled by the Institutes. Provision for Institutes to enter course-wise fee (Admission Fee, Tuition Fee and Miscellaneous Fee) details is available in Institutes’ profile section. During application verification at Institute level,

    the fee in the online application form will be auto populated using the details available in Institute’s profile. The Institutes can further edit the fee details for individual applications, based on various waivers given for fee components to specific students. The rest of the details can only be updated/modified by the applicant only.

    Admissible fee amount for the reimbursement for assistive devices, laptop, computer etc. will be entered by the institute nodal officer in miscellaneous fee component. Applicants are advised to upload scanned copy of bill / receipts of such items while filling up online form.

    Q. No. 27. Can the applicant apply as a Fresh if he/she is a Renewal candidate?

    Answer: No, an applicant cannot apply as a Fresh candidate, if he/she is already a Renewal candidate. The Application will be rejected in that case.

    If applicant wants to apply in some other scheme and does not want to continue with scheme in renewal application. Then applicant will have to withdraw his/her renewal application on NSP and may apply as Fresh applicant. Renewal application withdrawn by the applicant can be revoked

    i.e. re-instated provided applicant has not finally submitted Fresh application. Once Fresh Application is finally submitted, Renewal application cannot be withdrawn further.

    Q. No. 28. Can the applicant withdraw his/her renewal application?

    Answer: Yes, the applicant can withdraw his/her Application before Final Submission.

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    Q. No. 29. What If the applicant wants to change Scholarship Scheme from Previous Year?

    Answer: The applicant has to withdraw his/her application before Final Submission, and then apply as a Fresh candidate in a new scheme.

    Q. No. 30. How can the applicant contact the helpdesk for technical problems?

    Answer: For resolving the technical problems, the applicant can reach out to the dedicated helpdesk team primarily by emailing them the details of the issue to [email protected].

    The applicants can also reach out to helpdesk contact number at: 0120 – 6619540. Helpdesk or NSP Call Center will facilitate applicants for the issues cropped during filling up the online application form or any functional issues related with portal.

    For inordinate delay by the nodal officer in verifying online application or any issue related with the disbursement of scholarships, applicants are advised to contact scheme owner ministry / department. Contact details of scheme owner ministries/ departments are available under SERVICE section on the portal.

    Q. No. 31: To whom should I approach if there is inordinate delay in verification of application?

    Answer: Scholarship application verification on NSP are being done by the scheme owner ministries and departments also known as nodal ministry / department. Applicant may contact nodal ministry / department for further assistance.

    Any grievance or representation regarding delay in application verification should be directly sent or addressed to the scheme owner ministry / department. Contact details of nodal ministry department are available under SERVICES section on the portal.

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    National Scholarship Portal (NSP)

    Name of the portal National Scholarship Portal
    Launched by Central Government of India
    Ministry Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India
    Start Month Of Scholarship September
    Beneficiaries Students
    Benefits Scholarship Benefits
    Mode of Application Online
    Apply Last Date Click Here
    Official website
    Home Page
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