Aadhaar Linking Status: How to Check NPCI Link Bank Account Status through Aadhar OTP, Check Your Bank is Link NPCI Server, How to Check NPCI Link Bank Click Here

  1. Click on the above link and put your Aadhar Number.
  2. Fill Captcha Code and
  3. Send OTP
  4. Submit OTP
  5. now you show your account link with NPCI

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Aadhaar Linking status is gotten from NPCI.

UIDAI isn’t mindful or obligated for the rightness of the showed status.

UIDAI doesn’t store any data brought from NPCI Server.

New Delhi: In additional simplicity to Aadhaar card holders, UIDAI has made it simpler for them to check if their Aadhaar is connected to their ledger.

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The Aadhaar Linking status is brought from NPCI Server while the UIDAI site says that for any reason, UIDAI will not be dependable or responsible for the accuracy of the showed status. Further, UIDAI isn’t putting away any data got from the NPCI server.

“Would you like to check your Aadhaar and Bank Account Linking Status? You can do it on the web if your portable number is connected with your Aadhaar. Check your connecting status by tapping on this connection,” UIDAI has tweeted.

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